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Admira roller blinds for external use

The exterior roller blind ADMIRA is a favourite standard type of roller blind for outdoor use. It is assembled to the window and door openings mainly due to protecting the building through sunlight, noise, wind and rain. Aluminium lamellas filled with PUR foam when closed, form a self--contained area that completely shades the interior and creates a difficult to pass obstacle in the case of intruders.

The exterior shading technology creates an optimal environment in terms of lighting and thermal conditions and is a key part of the construction in terms of energy savings. In the traditional concept, exterior blinds fulfil the shading and security function, whereas in the non-traditional concept, they are an architectonic element of administrative buildings and adorn family houses.

Advantages and benefits

  • High level of shading and exterior noise reduction,
  • aluminium slats filled with PU R foam,
  • thermal regulation and protection,
  • maximum guaranteed area: 6,5 m2.


Manner of control

  • manually – by strip (strip roller), cord (cord roller) 
  • by electric drive – switch or remote control unit.

Guaranteed Admira dimensions

  • minimum width: 450 mm
  • maximum width: 2,700 mm
  • maximum height: 3,200 mm
  • maximum area: 6,5 m2

Non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are not produced.

Technical parameters

Blind lamellas can have different thicknesses from Al material.


cover height
thickness 8,4
thickness of materila
weight 2,49 kg/m2
max. width 2940
max. area 6,5 m2

The size of the box and the diameter of the shaft are stated on the basis of the height of the roller blind.
Available box sizes: 137, 150, 165, 180
Diameter of the shaft: 40 mm, 60 mm

Basic colour version

lamella box guiding rail end rail
A01 white
A02 brown
A03 grey
A04 beige
A08 silver
A13 anthracite
A19 golden oak
A21 creamy
A22 dark brown
A23 ivory
A25 moss green
A59 nut
A01 white
A02 brown
A08 silver
A13 anthracite
A01 white
A02 brown
A08 silver
A13 anthracite
A01 white
A02 brown
A08 silver
A13 anthracite
  • A01 white A01 white
  • A02 brown A02 brown
  • A03 grey A03 grey
  • A04 beige A04 beige
  • A08 silver A08 silver
  • A13 anthracite A13 anthracite
  • A19 golden oak A19 golden oak
  • A21 creamy A21 creamy
  • A22 dark brown A22 dark brown
  • A23 ivory A23 ivory
  • A25 moss green A25 moss green
  • A59 nut A59 nut

Basic colour version (box, guiding rail, end rail)

  • A01 white A01 white
  • A02 brown A02 brown
  • A08 silver A08 silver
  • A13 anthracite A13 anthracite

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.

Assembly options

  • on the interior or exterior window frame


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