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Pergola LUKA S, LUKA M

Aluminum fabric pergola LUKA will increase the value of both traditional and modern concepts of the exterior within sophisticated and trendy environments. Sliding roo fis made of a single piece of non-flammable PVC fabrics.

The fabric is characterized by its high dimensional stability and protects against sunshine, rain and wind. Front drainage is an integral part of Pergola construction. The traction system is made of a highly durable cogged belt, which runs on ball bearings. This connection proves to be very quiet and running regularly. Pergola control is only possible with an engine.

Variants of LUKA S and LUKA M fabric pergolas vary only by the limitation dimensions. Alternatively, two pergolas cab be coupled, this variant can be ordered under the name LUKA S / D or LUKA M / D.

Advantages and benefits

  • Non-combustible PVC fabric with high dimensional stability,
  • front integrated drainage,
  • protection against rain and sunshine,
  • non-traditional traction system ensures silent running of the pergola,
  • the possibility of coupling two pergolas side by side,
  • any RAL construction color including the anthracite structure.


Method of control

It is used to pull down and pull up the PVC fabric.

Motor – motor Sunilus iO 50/12, Altus 50 RTS, Vectran 50 WT (for the coupled pergolas LUKA S / D or LUKA M / D  - 2 Vectran 50 WT motors + synchronization unit).

Guaranteed dimensions

Pergola Type Length / Extension (mm) Width (mm) Passable Height H2 (mm)
min. max. min. max. max.
LUKA S motor 2000 5000 2000 4500 2500
LUKA S/D motor 2000 5000 5000 8000 2500
LUKA M motor 2000 6000 2000 6000 3000
LUKA M/D motor 2000 6000 5000 8000 3000

Basic color design (of the construction)

  • RAL 1013 oyster white RAL 1013 oyster white
  • RAL 9003 white RAL 9003 white
  • V01* pearl silver V01* pearl silver
  • V02 matt bronze V02 matt bronze
  • V05 black sandblasted V05 black sandblasted

*only for pergola LUKA M, M/D

Extra-charge color design

RAL colors - on request.

Fabric Selection

Two types of PVC fabrics can be used for LUKA pergolas - 502 SATIN fabrics from the supplier Serge.


  • The Satin effect gives a modern and high quality look to the projects,
  • increased resistance to dirt thanks to PVD F treatment,
  • very smooth surface ensures easy maintenance,
  • exceptional dimensional stability,
  • high strength,
  • long-term mechanical resistance,
  • maximum UV protection (100% UVB filtering, UPF 50+ for all colors),
  • protection against heat and adverse climatic conditions,
  • 10 years warranty (for static applications).
  • 2012 2012
  • 2135 2135
  • 2137 2137
  • 2141 2141
  • 2148 2148
  • 2152 2152
  • 2167 2167
  • 2168 2168
  • 2171 2171
  • 2185 2185
  • 8102 8102
  • 8255 8255
  • 8284 8284
  • 8341 8341
  • 8450 8450
  • 8861 8861

716 Polyplan Pergola Opaque

  • Excellent weldability,
  • non-flammability (B-s2, dO according to EN 13501-1),
  • dimensional stability,
  • extreme cold and heat resistance,
  • mold-repellent surface..
  • 716114 716114
  • 716260 716260
  • 716739 716739
  • 716833 716833

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.

Variants of installation

Pergola LUKA is self-supporting with the possibility of anchoring the stands to the floor and anchoring the profile to the wall.

Luka S,M


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