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Benefits & advantages

  • faster and easier assembly
  • high level of shading
  • thermoregulatory and protective effect
  • decrease in the level of outside noise
  • lower profile from the extruded aluminium 
  • electric control option
  • decrease in the noise from the blinds.

BRAVO self-supporting blind with the roll outside the channel


  •  Control: lowering, pulling up and tilting the slats by the motor,
  • location of the control is anywhere,
  • box height 40 mm lower than the standard design thanks to a special hanger and eccentric channel mounting
  • installation of the blind is only in the version with self-supporting guide rails,
  • standard design of the cover box is 210 mm,
  • choice of box, bottom and guide rails in DECORAL or RAL design,
  • maximum dimension 4000 mm.

Limited dimensions for Cetta 80 blinds Bravo

BRAVO Widht (mm) Height (mm) Guaranteed area (m2)
min. max. min. max. max.
without insect screen
600 3500 500 3000 10,5
with insect screen 720 1800 500 2500 3

Using this version, you can save 40 mm of the box height (front cover height) compared to the standard version.
The maximum height of blind, which the box of 210 mm is suitable for.

Blind typ Blind height (mm)
Cetta 60 Flexi 1900
Cetta 65 1900
Cetta 80 2200
Cetta 80 Flexi 3000
Cetta 80 Slim 2600
Cetta 100 Flexi 3000
Setta 65 1900
Setta 90 2700
Zetta 70 2100
Zetta 90 2500

STS self-supporting blind


  • Installation on facade,
  • suitable for all types of external blinds except for Cetta 50,
  • max. width: 4 m,
  • from 2.4 m to 4 m complemented with a reinforcing profile.

Required components:

  • self-supporting guide rail P 016/1
  • holders for self-supporting guide rail 50-70 mm P021 / 5 and 75-120 mm P021 / 6
  • sleeve
  • hanger P 002/4
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