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ARTOSI Bioclimatic Pergola

Self-supporting ARTOSI bioclimatic pergola with innovative and clean design from the development department of ISOTRA. The basic dimensions of the product  - width 4 m and slide-out/extension up to 7 m - meet the strict requirements for the current user comfort.

Aluminum slat can be oriented from 0° to 130°, of course there is a seal and slant of the slats for the controlled drainage of water. The loading capacity of the slats is from 116 kg/m2 at 4 × 6 m dimensions. Shading components and LED lighting can be integrated into the pergola.

The advantage of the ARTOSI pergola is the possibility of dividing the roof into more independent sections, which are individually controlled according to the position of the sun's rays. Possibility to place props up to 1 m outside the corner of the pergola inwards.

Pergola ARTOSI can be assembled in combination freestanding or anchored to the wall. Due to the proven parameters, the price is a significant competitive advantage.

Advantages and benefits

  • Production of pergola for precise dimensions in cm
  • Possibility to place props up to 1 m outside the corner of the pergola inwards. 
  • Low stand height of the roof profile including slat opening - 25 cm in total
  • Possibility of dividing the roof slats into more independent sections, separately
  • Clean and elegant design
  • Easy assembly / disassembly of the slats and great variability of installation
  • Angle of slat opening 130°
  • The loading capacity of the slats is from 116 kg/m2 for at at 4 × 6 m dimensions
  • Possibility of a LED strip on the sides of the pergola slide-out
  • Possibility of integrating shading technology
  • Wind resistance class 6
  • Price corresponding to the product parameters
  • Our own development
  • It protects against rain and snow when the slats are completely closed, while the water is always led away at least by one stand 


Control method

  • Serves for opening, tilting and closing aluminum slats in the pergola roof.
  • Somfy WT / IO motor

Guaranteed dimensions

Pergola Design Lenght (slide-out, mm) Width (mm) Underpass height
Dimension H (mm)
Guaranteed area (m2)
min max min max max max
ARTOSI motor 1440  7000 1000 4000 3000 28

From 6,121 mm slide-out, pergola has 6 props.

Basic color design

  • RAL 7016 RAL 7016
  • RAL 7016S RAL 7016S
  • RAL 8014 RAL 8014
  • RAL 9006 RAL 9006
  • RAL 9007 RAL 9007
  • RAL 9010 RAL 9010

Optional color design

  • RAL colors - on request.

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.

Installation options

  • 3 basic ways to assemble the pergola


Freestanding, slats parallel to the shorter side of the pergola
Max. dimensions for 4 props: 4 × 6 m
Max. dimensions for 4 + 2 props: 4 × 7 m


In the wall, the slats parallel to the shorter side, the wall parallel to the slats
Max. dimensions for 2 props: 4 × 6 m
Max. dimensions for 2 + 2 props: 4 × 7 m


In the wall, slats parallel to the shorter side, the wall perpendicular to the shorter side
Max. dimensions for 2 props: 4 × 6 m
Max. dimensions for 2 + 2 props: 4 × 7 m


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