About us

ISOTRA company history

In 1992, two brothers-in-law, Bohumír Blachut and Erich Stavař, decided to set up their own business in their home village of Bolatice near Opava. They started in a garage, establishing a company they named ISOTRA. ISO came from the word for insulation and TRA from trade, as they were originally involved in the trade and installation of window sealing. Much has changed since then, but the company’s identity remains the same. In 1993, they started dealing in the current product line – window blinds. Always seeking to improve their products, and reacting to the current market demand, they decided, in 1995, to start production of their own blinds and components, with continuous expansion of the shading product line.

Direction of development

What sets ISOTRA apart from its competition is primarily the fact that the company is able to develop a completely new, customised product from A to Z. This comprises designing, manufacture of the individual components, testing and certification of the new product, setting up the technological processes, developing new machinery, and supplying the complete technology. The company holds patents for a number of things, at high standards of excellence. The technologies, production processes, as well as research and development in solar shading make ISOTRA one of the leading producers of sun-shading products and a technological leader not only in the Czech Republic.

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Manufacturing programme

ISOTRA has its own R&D department, a design office, technologies, a state-of-the-art tool shop, a new powder coating shop, a press shop for thermoplastic materials, and extensive production facilities. The company offers a comprehensive product range, including the product groups of interior and exterior blinds, fabric roller blinds, pleated blinds, Japanese walls, exterior roller blinds, insect screens, awnings, screen roller blinds, verandas, and ARTOSI bioclimatic pergolas. The production of components, profiling machines, cutting tools, and technological units for the manufacture of the blinds is an inseparable part of the manufacturing programme. Technological maturity of the company is documented by the possession of several worldwide patents and utility models for the technical solutions in the area of shading technology.


ISOTRA Quality

Quality, reliability, customer care, research, development, technologies and innovations with respect to energy savings – these are ISOTRA’s fundamental values. The company pursues the objective of providing the customers with branded, clearly identifiable, technologically advanced products of corresponding quality. ISOTRA a. s. holds the certificates of quality in accordance with the Czech standards ČSN EN ISO 9001-2009 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005, employs more than 600 employees, and exports its product to more than 46 countries worldwide.

30 years with you

Thirty years of ISOTRA on both the domestic and international markets is proof of constant growth, innovations, reliability, expertise, and tradition. ISOTRA has remained a solely Czech company that keeps expanding. The establishment of subsidiaries in Germany and Poland is indisputable evidence of this fact. The brand is currently being reinforced by expanding the Partner network in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as further abroad. The red background of the ISOTRA logo depicts the dynamics with which ISOTRA has been evolving over the last 30 years.