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Visualization of the blinds, roller blinds and awnings

Do you plan to buy blinds or other shading techniques into your apartment, house or office? Aren't you sure about type or colour harmonization? With the application ISOTRA designer, you can take a photo of the room or object, and to create a visualization of the selected type of shading in a few steps. You can then save the visualization made this way, share on Facebook with your friends or simply send direct e-mail inquiry.

Choice from 40 colour and 8 types of shading:

  • exterior venetian blinds,
  • exterior roller blinds,
  • screen blinds,
  • awnings,
  • interior venetian blinds,
  • interior roller blinds,
  • pleated blinds,
  • japanese pannels.

With the ISOTRA designer application and we will help you to find your best shading.

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