ARTOSI GLASS panels for bioclimatic pergolas

If you want to enjoy the ARTOSI bioclimatic pergolas outside the summer season, you can fit sliding glass panels to the pergola. Side screen roller blinds made of glass or polyester fibres with a PVC coating will protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. We recommend installing them as a shading element for glass side walls for pergolas, supplied with or without a frame.

All the components, including framed screens for covered pergolas are available in stylish colours that match each other and may also be matched to the colour shade of screen shutters.

The pergola glass panels muffle sounds coming from the outside, and in addition, will allow the garden party to continue during an unexpected storm. You will also be able to spend time in the enclosed pergola on colder days, and as soon as it gets warmer, you can manually slide the individual panels over each other. The panels may be opened either to one side, or centrally like a curtain. Moreover, a glazed aluminium pergola with inner lockable handle works as an anti-theft measure, because the pergola panels are made of safety glass with a safety device against unhinging.

The last huge advantage is a really simple installation of the glass panels, fitting perfectly in the pergola’s modular design. As to maintenance, the individual panels can be easily washed from both sides of the pergola and cleaning of the floor rails is also trouble-free. Should you have any questions, contact us. We’re here to help.