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Underplaster purenit box

Thermo isolation box for external venetian blinds is well designed construction part which brings lots of useful features. These come especially from the PURENIT material characteristics which the boxes are produced from.

Isolation boxes are extremely resistant against many effects (pressure, temperature, moisture, etc.) and are very durable and light. PURENIT is characterized by minimal temperature dilatation and fire resistance B2 according to DIN 4102-1.

Boxes from harmless recycled material can be produced in various dimensions and variations.

Advantages and benefits

  • high resistence
  • durable and light materiál
  • minimal temperature dilatation
  • fire resistance B2 according to DIN 4102-1
  • various dimensions and variations

Limit box dimensions


minimum box lenght D: 450 mm
maximum box width in one piece: 2,400 mm
maximum dimension A: 600 mm
maximum dimension C: 600 mm
maximum box depth B: 400 mm

Purenit boxes variations

Extended box width Extended box width Extended box width
0 – 700 mm 0 – 700 mm 0 – 430 mm
701 – 820 mm 701 – 820 mm 431 – 460 mm
821 – 1000 mm 821 – 1000 mm 461 – 540 mm
1001 – 1200 mm 1001 – 1200 mm 541 – 610 mm


Boxes connection straight and angled



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