Article – exterior shading technology in practice

ISOTRA – a wholly Czech owned company and producer of shading technology, has been operating on the market for 19 years. The large manufacturing assortment of the company includes varying offers of interior and exterior shading technology and wooden Euro windows and doors.  The company exports finished products and components to 30 countries.

In recent years, external blinds have become very popular as they offer shading against the sun and prevent overheating of the interior in the summer while holding the heat in the winter.  The external blinds are a key element for regulating interior temperature according to your own requirements.

Jakub Hudečka, house owner.
“I can say from my own experience that in the first few months when we moved into our new house and did not have any external blinds, the interior room temperature was 30ºC, which was not pleasant.  After the installing Zetta external blinds supplied by ISOTRA, the temperature dropped by 6 degrees to a pleasant 24 – 25 degrees”

The comfort of ISOTRA external blinds lies in the electrical or manual positioning of the lamellas according to requirements; more than one lamella can be controlled by one control unit.

Jan Žižlavský, ISOTRA a.s.
“There is a wide range of colours - we have 30 colour types for those blinds with boxes into which the lamellas and guiding bars move - and they can be delivered in any colour”

The installation of external blinds is not complicated.  The assembly team at ISOTRA can install them either on or below the façade.  The exterior shading can also be installed on the window frame.  Therefore, everybody can order them and new buildings where the installation of blinds were not considered during the build are not problematic.

As a bonus, the delivery period is short.  Within just two weeks of ordering, you can make the most of this modern exterior shading in your chosen colour.

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