Certified Company in the Field of Shading Technology

For the seventh year now, the Association of Manufacturers of Shading Technology and its Parts (SVST) has awarded a certificate of "Certified Company in the Field of Shading Technology" to companies that have met the conditions for its allocation and are thus potentially a reliable supplier. It is not possible to buy this certificate, but it is issued by SVST, which has been arranging the field of shielding in the Czech Republic for a long time.

For a layman, it is certainly not easy to know a wide range of companies operating in this field. The SVST awards the certificate to the companies that meet the requirements of a good business partnership, provide quality products and services that comply with legally established product certifications, and which are also committed to complying with the Code of Ethics.

Membership is not the only or automatic condition for granting the certificate. The certificate relates to the companies and their behavior on the market - both to customers and business partners, their payment discipline, compliance with standards and other specified certifications, regulations, etc. It does not apply to products - they are certified by companies separately, both under applicable legislation and on the other hand according to their needs (in the case of a new product and suchlike.) The certificate is always awarded for a period of one year and its allocation is accompanied by the right to use the logo of this award.

ISOTRA a.s., as well as in previous years, has been awarded the certificate "Certified Company in the Field of Shading Technology" also for 2019.

Obtaining a certificate is a reaffirmation for our company that we have been complying with the legal regulations for shading technology, especially in the area of quality, safety of products and their certifications, and that we seriously approach our customers in business negotiations, service and financial obligations. For the general public, this means that it is worth to address us as a business partner.