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Door screens - Type H1

Door screens against insects protect against all types of insects.  Door screen H1 is practical and necessary protection against insects in rooms with entrances onto terraces or balconies.  Door screen H1 is designed for balcony doors and windows with large dimensions. The advantage of this anti-insect door screen is the principle of self closing.

The frame colour can be selected in wood imitation, Renolite or any RAL colour.  Due to the extensive colour range, the screen can be matched with any plastic or wooden window.

Advantages and benefits

  • cylindrical aluminium frame
  • higher frame rigidity
  • self-closing frames
  • easily removable from the balcony door
  • the colour of the frame is according to the RAL sampler, in wood imitation or coated in Renolite.



Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 600 mm
  • maximum width: 1100 mm 
  • maximum height: 2400 mm 
  • maximum area: 2,65 m2
  • non-standard dimensions are not produced.

Technical parameters

Frame Max.
guaranteed dimensions
Method of fixation Number
of assembly clamps
Corner Screen
Internal external grey black reinforced white

(up to the width 160 cm)
Business name Dimensions (mm)
SC 202 / 1
51 × 20
2,65 m2
max. v. 2400 mm
max. š. 1100 mm
fastener 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

RAL 9003 white (double sided)
RAL 8019 brown (double sided)
RAL 7016 anthracite gray (double-sided)
other RAL (double sided)
wood imitation (double sided)
Renolite (single sided/double sided)

Renolit 1192 Oregon
Renolit 2052 Dark oak
Renolit 2065 Mahagoni
Renolit 2178 Golden oak
Renolit 2179 Nut
Renolit 3042 Sorrento balsamico
Renolit 3043 Cherry amaretto
Renolit 3069 Pine tree
Renolit 3152 Douglasie
Renolit 3211 Irish oak
Renolit 3214 Soft cherry
Renolit 4240 Winchester XA

Plastic components in the colour of the profile.
Ladder and cord which are colour coordinated with the lamella.



Basic RAL colour for the frame

  • RAL 7016* RAL 7016*
  • RAL 8019 RAL 8019
  • RAL 9003 RAL 9003

* C1, C2, C10

Colour version for the frame for an extra charge

  • Renolit 1192 Renolit 1192
  • Renolit 2178 Renolit 2178
  • Renolit 2179 Renolit 2179
  • Renolit 3042 Renolit 3042
  • Renolit 3043 Renolit 3043
  • Renolit 3152 Renolit 3152
  • Renolit 3211 Renolit 3211
  • Renolit 3214 Renolit 3214
  • Renolit 3069 Renolit 3069
  • Renolit 2052 Renolit 2052
  • Renolit 2065 Renolit 2065
  • Renolit 4240 Renolit 4240

Colour performance Isotra System Decoral 1 at extra charge (frame profile)

  • ISD110 ISD110
  • ISD120 ISD120
  • ISD130 ISD130
  • ISD140 ISD140
  • ISD150 ISD150
  • ISD160 ISD160
  • ISD210 ISD210
  • ISD220 ISD220
  • ISD230 ISD230
  • ISD310 ISD310
  • ISD152 ISD152
  • ISD154 ISD154
  • ISD200 ISD200
  • ISD212 ISD212
  • ISD214 ISD214
  • ISD222 ISD222

Colour performance Isotra System Decoral 2 at extra charge (frame profile)

  • ISD500 ISD500
  • ISD510 ISD510
  • ISD600 ISD600
  • ISD610 ISD610
  • ISD620 ISD620
  • ISD630 ISD630
  • ISD640 ISD640
  • ISD700 ISD700

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler. 

The lamella colour can be selected according to the actual sampler from ISOTRA a.s.

Assembly options

  • on the frame of the balcony door 
  • on the frame with bigger dimensions


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