Isotra = 20 years of the will to develop and search...

Innovated technical solutions in the area of shading technology, several utility models and export to more than thirty countries worldwide – that is ISOTRA that strives to provide its customers with clearly identifiable products of the highest possible quality and excellent technological standard...

When, back in 1992, Erich Stavař and Bohumír Blachut founded a wholesale company called ISOTRA, selling window sealing products, they had no idea that twenty years later the company would become one of the technological leaders in the area of shading technology not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide.

Three years after its foundation, i.e. in 1995, ISOTRA commenced production of its own components for blinds and other products of shading technology. The company based its production on research of technologies related to sun screens and their energy efficiency. The research served as a basis for seeking and developing new procedures.

The company currently has its own development and research facility, project engineering office, modern workshop, thermoplastic press shop and extensive production facilities. Exterior and interior blinds, fabric roller shutters, plisse, Japanese panel walls, exterior window roller shutters, awnings, garage gates and, last but not least, wooden windows represent some of the products made by ISOTRA, which can be found on the buildings of prestigious companies, firms and organizations and on school buildings and apartment buildings in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

The will of the company to continuously develop and search is expressed in its characteristic: “ISOTRA is a brand that symbolizes a long-term tradition, incalculable investments into its own development, use of high quality materials, technological maturity, reliable work of hundreds of its employees and many other parameters that come all together and create the final product of the company.

Twenty years of reliability, professionalism, innovations and traditions form an important milestone, especially when communicating with customers. This anniversary also represents an opportunity to change our general image. The new logo and visual identity of ISOTRA form not only important components of the company culture but also an integral part of our communication rituals when conducting business with our target groups.

While the original logo characterized the substance of the initial activities of the company by connecting the words of “ISO-isolation” and “TRA-trade”, the brand new logo emphasizes the importance and significance of ISOTRA in a competitive environment. It is visually and typographically clean and easily identifiable. Without a doubt, its timeless design will increase prestige of the company in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Not only it will bring the company closer to our existing customers and business partners, but it also has a great potential to address new clients. The unmistakable design of the new logo and its red background represent the dynamics of the company, due to which ISOTRA has been developing for already two decades.

The change of the logo and visual style reflects the fact that ISOTRA is a modern, dynamic and, at the same time, traditionally respected company that speaks, through its products, to customers at home and abroad.

Nové logo ISOTRA