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ISOTRA continues its close cooperation with Jaromír Jágr

ISOTRA a.s., operating in the shading technology market for more than 27 years, announced the establishment of long-term cooperation with the ice-hockey legend Jaromir Jagr.

Cooperation with the personality of Jaromir Jagr and his team builds on the ongoing interconnection with the Kladno extraleague hockey club Knights and deepens the marketing strategy for the upcoming period. It was formally confirmed by signing a contract in Opava.

Jaromir Jagr arrived at the ISOTRA headquarters after the match with Vitkovice and despite the difficult match he went through the production plant, paint shop and training center, accompanied by Bohumir Blachut, chairman of the board and Lydia Blachutova, financial manager.

“We have been cooperating with Jaromir Jagr for a year through the Hockey Club Knights and this interconnection is very interesting for us. I appreciate people who have achieved challenging goals in their lives, act with their hearts and have not only their own benefit in mind, but want to support others. For these and other reasons, we have decided to deepen and expand our cooperation with Jaromir Jagr. His hard work and accomplishments speak for themselves and moreover, he is absolutely human and that is crucial for me, ”explained Bohumir Blachut, Chairman of the Board of ISOTRA a.s.

“We are very pleased that this cooperation continues. Personally, I am happy that Hockey Club Knights Kladno have a friendly relationship with ISOTRA. We have a similar view of the world and we want to lead our organizations in a similar direction, ”said the owner of the Kladno club Jaromir Jagr.

The cooperation was formally signed on February 4,2020 at the ISOTRA headquarters training center. “The idea of ​​establishing a partnership with Jaromir Jagr came up last year, when we started working with the Knights. As part of our marketing strategy, we were looking for a distinctive and internationally recognized face for one of our flagship products and the choice was clear. As with Knights, we are not dealing with short-term cooperation, but we want to harness the potential of Jaromir Jagr and increase the perceived value of the ISOTRA brand in the long run, ”adds Jakub Vanek, Marketing Director of ISOTRA.

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