ISOTRA has opened the state-of-the-art paint shop in Europe

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019 ISOTRA introduced the most modern paint shop of its kind in Europe. In Opava, where ISOTRA has resided since 2004, you can find the brand-new building and painting technologies in the most advanced form. The investments of CZK 170 million will make production more efficient and will increase the performance of the old paint shop more than seven times.

After a four-year effort to handle all the necessities, it was possible to start building in April 2018. The construction itself lasted until November 2018, where the installation of technologies started in October. At the beginning of December last year, pre-final approval went off. Prior to construction, however, a total of 2,200 Tatra trucks had to take off the soil to make 9-meter deep excavation for the construction itself. The supporting columns are planted down to 19-meter depth up to the clay subsoil. The new paint shop was connected to the original paint shop with a reinforced concrete Milanese wall. When drawing the walls with ropes, 250 thousand litres of cement mixture leaked into the unstable subsoil. For the construction it was necessary to use special 32-meters long trusses and a 250-ton crane. In total, 592 pieces of concrete panels with a total volume of 1 378 m3 were used.

At present, on the area of ​​3,896 m2, there are the most modern technologies of its kind in Europe, which will be used for painting of the shading equipment. These include electrostatic application of powder coatings, highly efficient automatic recycling of powder paints, quick exchange of hues, Decoral technology, which makes possible to imitate wooden and design hues or, for example, reverse air recuperation, which is used for re-heating the air in the paint shop.

Fully automated paint shop now offers the possibility to paint profiles up to 7 m in length, 1.5 m in height, 0.5 m in width and moreover, located under the same roof there is a decorating station, a drying oven, a kiln, a fully automated neutralization plant, compressors, hydraulic shears, folding presses, bending machines, air handling units, crane tracks, power- free conveyors, paint booths.

New technologies and full automation enable the preservation of the parameters of the painting process of each varnished piece in the system, the production process, the transfer of materials between floors of the paint shop, and the monitoring of the whole paint shop performance when connected to the mobile application. By the end of 2019, ISOTRA wants to acquire QAULICOAT for the new paint shop, an internationally recognized certificate issued by Swiss-based organization. This certificate defines quality requirements and monitors their compliance via licensed organizations. This gives the customer the certainty that he buys, from licensed company, a quality product with long-term value and immutable quality.

The modern building meets the high demands of the Act on the Protection of the Air according to the ČSN standards and has no negative impact on the environment. Opening of the paint shop to full operation took place on January 30, 2019.

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