ISOTRA presents new H2 extruded door net

Elegant insect protection with improved properties.

The company ISOTRA a.s. is coming to the market with an innovation - extruded door net H2. This product offers an elegant design with improved features.

Thanks to the extruded narrower frame profile, the H2 net is more stable and durable. It provides excellent protection against various types of insects, with the option of choosing from a wide range of frame colours in RAL or wood imitation by decoral technology.

The H2 door net is suitable not only for balcony doors, but also for larger windows – and thus, adaptable to different spaces.

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width 600 mm
  • maximum width 1200 mm
  • minimum height 1400 mm
  • maximum height 2100 mm
  • maximum area 2.52 m2

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