LARRA 35 Screen

ISOTRA a.s. has extended its range of fabric blinds with a new product LARRA SCREEN. Surely you already know the LARRA fabric blind which was base for LARRA SCREEN. So, what makes LARRA SCREEN different? From its name, it is clear it will be possible to use screening fabrics that have not been possible to use with Larra so far. Specifically, these are the Soltis 86, Soltis 92 and SCR 3005 collections. Other technical specifications of this product had to be adapted for the customer to be satisfied and the roller blind to meet its requirements.

AFor the screen fabric to be reliably fixed to the tube, it was necessary to use a tube with a larger diameter of 35 mm, which has a groove. The control is by means of a chain or a motor.

Technical specifications Larra SCREEN

 Mounting bracketMounting profileSemicassette profile Cassette profileBottom profileGuide
Business nameLAR0009+LAR0025+
MaterialMetal+Plastic+Plastic AlAlAlAlAl  
RAL 9003 white:

stainless satine

Guaranteed dimensions for LARRA SCREEN

Screen fabricWidth (mm)Height (mm)
Soltis 8630022003002600
Soltis 9230022003002600
SCR 300530022003002100

Maximum dimensions according to the type of fabric

FabricBottom rail type

Blind height


Blind width (mm)
Soltis 92DL2max.2600260026002400220020001800170016001500
Soltis 86DL2max.2600260026002600240022002000180017001600
SCR 3005DL2max.2100210021002100210021001900170016001500

Based on successful tests, work is currently underway to add a bottom rail of the DL1 area and a side guide in the guide rail to Larra screen. The bottom rail will be complemented with weights.