New Interior Blind LARRA

A completely new interior fabric roller blind LARRA from the workshop of ISOTRA a.s. has been brought into the world and you can order it from September 1, 2018. The original LARRA roller blind design was created and developed especially for our company by Czech designer, photographer and artist Miroslavo (his own name is Miroslav Stibůrek).

Home is a place where we want to feel safe and experience our intimate moments of privacy. The design of the roller blind Larra expresses these feelings with its naturally rounded and wavy shapes that we most often see in nature and modern architecture. The aesthetic look of the Larra roller blinds, combined with the chosen fabric, will complete the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of every home. The selection of fabrics is the same as for the other ISOTRA interior blinds, including day-night fabrics. We also offer the possibility of placing more blinds in one box.


Variants of design


Guaranteed dimensions

FabricWidth (mm)Height (mm)
weight (g/m2)thickness (mm)min.*max.min.max.
up to 170 g/m2do 0,3300/60022003004600
 do 0,5300/60022003003500
up to 260 g/m2do 0,3300/60022003004600
 do 0,5300/60022003003500
 do 0,7300/60022003002400
up to 365 g/m2do 0,5300/60022003003500
over 365 g/m2do 0,5300/60022003003500
Day-Night Fabrics  

*chain / motor

Method of control

  • manually - plastic or metal chain (ø 4,5 mm)
  • electric drive - remote control or switch

Color profiles

  • white
  • silver
  • graphite
  • stainless satine

More detailed information on LARRA interior blind.