CORNER blind

For complicated shading of the corner portals of houses and buildings, we are coming with a unique solution - a corner exterior blind with C80 or Z90 slats.

The blind is designed as a coupled blind, which, unlike classic coupled blinds, does not have a central guide bar. The corner blind can be used for both exterior and interior corner, but always only at an angle of 90°.

For the connection of the lower and upper profiles, a metal angle part inserted in a plastic corner part is used, and the slats are connected by a ball chain in a plastic guide.

Advantages and benefits

  • Shading of large corner portals
  • Coupled blinds without a central guide rail
  • Unobstructed view of the landscape
  • One motor for both blinds
  • Use for both interior and exterior corner
  • Low height of the roll
  • For Cetta 80F or Zetta 90 blinds

The blind is controlled by a motor, which is always located in the larger of the two blinds (the so-called drive blind).

The position of the motor in the upper channel must be on the side towards the corner of the blind, and the sum of the areas of both blinds must not exceed the permissible torque value of the motor used. The corner blind has a standard lower slat design (i.e. a non-perpendicular design), which cannot be tilted, so it always remains in the open position.

Dimensions of the corner blind

Corner blindWidthHeightsGuaranteed area
without motor600300050040007,5
with motor6003000500400012

We believe that the corner blind will become very popular for its functionality, use and design. The colour design of the blinds is the same as the offer for classic exterior C80F or Z90 blinds.

You can learn more about the corner blinds.