New Sampler of Fabrics 2018

A new collection of fabrics for interior cloth roller blinds, roof blinds, Japanese walls and vertical blinds has come into the world!

The original sampler, which we have been offering fabrics since 2014 from, has already failed to meet current market demands and a number of fabrics have been put out of the offer by suppliers. That is why we have proceeded to adjust it. The most demanded fabrics with high sales were kept on, some of the collections were supplemented with new color shades, but above all a lot of new fabrics were added. When choosing them, we followed the advice of suppliers and trends in the cloth shielding market.


The new Sampler 2018 is significantly extended from the original 211 to 303 fabric designs. Structure of the Sampler was preserved in the same spirit, contains large files, small files, and 3 sheets with an overview of all the fabrics. For each file there is a table showing the price group of fabrics, its use for  particular product type, and basic technical specifications. The design of the package and height of the file back was changed - the original 10 cm changed to 13.5 cm.

Existing offer has been completed with curtain-type fabrics, fabrics with fine patterns or tone-in-tone patterns. The offer of fabrics with child motives, fire-resistant fabrics and blackout fabrics was extended.

TypeFabric sampler 2014Fabric sampler 2018
Day-Night Fabrics928
Fire-resistant Fabrics82112
Blackout Fabrics3150
Fabrics for Roof Blinds5261
Fabrics for Vertical Blinds106138
Fabrics for Japanese Walls161205
Fabrics for Cloth Roller Blinds178263
Fabrics with Child Motives414

An overview of the types of fabrics in the new and old sampler