Veranda HRV80-ZIP

Sun protection has become an integral part of our homes. Especially protection that is unparalleled in terms of comfort, design, and safety. Veranda HRV80-ZIP meets these requirements, but offers much more. This new solution to veranda shading is now more elegant and slimmer, with remarkable properties.

Veranda HRV80-ZIP allows regulation of the sunlight penetration to the rooms, avoiding unpleasantly high amount of light and heat. The fabric is protected by being rolled in the box which is closed by the bottom profile in retracted position. Thanks to this feature, the fabric colours will remain bright for many years. The fabric establishes a visual comfort in the interior, provides thermal and sound insulation, can be in the blackout as well as translucent version. It is extremely durable, fire-resistant and repels dirt, and will perfectly harmonise with your home.

The system is designed to easily overcome any small tolerances of the roof structure seating. The whole system is made from corrosion-resistant materials. Veranda HRV80-ZIP is equipped with a ZIP-system ensuring that the fabric remains properly stretched in every position of the bottom profile and prevents fabric slip out from guiding rails. The box is attached to guide rails. Safe distance of the fabric from the conservatory or pergola roof is ensured by guide rails and the spring-loaded cord system. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting, you will be able to enjoy the veranda even longer, and the long summer evening will be even more pleasant.

Features and advantages

  • Ideal for large glazed areas up to the 25 m2 size in a single frame,
  • less sunlight on vertical glazed areas thanks to an overlap,
  • the fabric remains taut thanks to a new ZIP system,
  • the compact box helps create a sophisticated appearance of the veranda,
  • can be mounted to roof windows from the exterior,
  • high wind resistance (up to 140 kph),
  • possibility to install LED lighting.

Guaranteed dimensions

ControlWidth (mm)Height (mm)Guaranted area (m2)

Basic colors of profiles and guide rails