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Product news 2016

Our company ISOTRA launched following product news in 2016:

  1. New systém of pleated blinds.
  2. Slope exterior blinds Cetta 80F TE.
  3. Pleated insect screens.

1. New system of pleated blinds

  • perfect manufactory.
  • nice fit to windows types and shapes.
  • perfect design.
  • easy and fast installation.
  • smooth run.
  • stable in chosen position.
  • high resistance against component wear-out.
  • impressive, slightly rounded solid profile
  • profiles are supplied in four basic colors – white, silver, black-brown and anthracite (optionally we can coat it with other RAL colors or treat it with DECORAL technology – wood imitation).

2. Sloped exterior blind

  • solution for window screening with asymmetric shapes (upper frame is not horizontal but inclined under a specific angle).
  • slats copy the upper frame angle, and are parallel with it.
  • aluminium slats are guided in steel wire.
  • special mechanism which balances the different lengths of textile belts during the blind movement up and down.
  • telescopic bottom rail is used for balancing the different width of the blind in the lower position (window width) and the upper position (length of the window inclined part).
  • blind with low packet height using slats without lengthwise fold

3. Pleated insect screens

  • suitable where there is not sufficient space for any other king of insect screens
  • suitable protection against flying insects into the facade opening, which are mainly entrances to the terraces, gardens, pools or balconies
  • very easy installation and subsequent disassembly.
  • low bottom profile 4 mm.
  • suitable for spaces, where childeren, elderly or disabled people move.
  • certified pleated mesh made of quality materiál, resistant to rain, UV rays and wind
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