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Project for strengthening employment and the adaptability of employees in the time of economic crisis

On 8. 10. 2009 ISOTRA a.s. announced a tender for the delivery of educational services. Five applicants were called on to submit bids.  The deadline for submission of bids expired on 30. 10. 2009. The evaluation commission selected the most acceptable bid for the requirements of the company.  The contract on educational services was concluded with the winner of the tender which was the company TEMPO TRAINING & CONSULTING, s. r. o.

The educational activities commenced in 2010.  On 22. 2. 2010 ISOTRA announced a tender for selection of a supplier for additional services – leasing of training premises, accommodation and boarding for course participants. Three applicants were called on to submit bids.  The most suitable bid was selected and a contract was concluded with the selected supplier.

The educational activities were held regularly.  Individual training was tailored for groups of staff according to the work classification.  The objective of the individual training was to strengthen management, sales, communication skills, to expand knowledge of modern methods of management and production, IT and equal opportunities and the environment.

The training increased the personal potential of the staff and their adaptability to changes in both ISOTRA and the labour market. Developing the qualification level of staff involved in company processes, services and production will more effectively contribute towards increasing the competitiveness of ISOTRA and will strengthen the sustainability of staff work positions.

The project was completed on 31. 8. 2011.

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