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Terrace awning with a load-bearing profile STELA

Spend a beautiful afternoon in the pleasant shadow of the outdoor awning STELA. The STELA awning with a carry - ing profile combines elegance and functionality. Its design provides high durability even during an intensive use in private as well as commercial sectors and is particularly suitable for shading large areas. The awning structure consists of brackets with a carrying steel profile, articulated arms, cylinder for winding the fabric, front profile and control mechanism. The front profile is fitted with a drip ledge which prevents the formation of water pockets on the awning unreeled and serves for draining rain water. As regards this awning, we offer a version with cross-arms which allow an extension of the awning greater than its actual width.

The coiled awning can be protected by a canopy made of zinc-coated sheet metal. The awning coat is manufactured from a special awning fabric DICKSON. The same material is also used for the pelmet whose shape and size are optional.

Advantages and benefits

  • Roof for small and large terraces and verandas,
    wide collection of DICKSON fabrics with a special coating CLEANGARD and 10-year warranty,
  • used SUNACRYL fibres and mass dying technology (solution dyed acrylic fabrics) ensure high colour fastness of awning fabrics,
  • possibility of electrical control and choice of sun / wind sensor,
  • maximum extension of 3.5 m,
  • awning arms made of special aluminium alloy.

Manner of control

  • manually – by handle (or by handle with winding booster)
  • electric drive – remote control or switch

Wide ranging offer of accessories (sensor sun/wind, emergency lever, switch with integrated electronics, waterproof switch on the wall, etc.).  

Technical parameters

Awning with a load-bearing system

The construction of the awning consists of a load-bearing steel profile, joint arms, a cylinder for winding the fabric, the check profile and the control mechanism.  The check profile is fitted with a drip ledge which prevents the build up of water pockets on the expanded awning and serves for the collection of rain water. For this awning we offer a crossed arms version which has a greater ejection of the awning so that the width can be achieved.

Extension 1,5 m; 1,75 m; 2 m; 2,25 m; 2,5 m; 2,75 m; 3 m; 3,5 m; 3,75 m; 4 m
Maximum extension 4 m (3,5 m for crossed arms and half-cassette)
Maximum width
7 m
Minimum width
Extension + 0.5 m
Arm type Folding, aluminium, with springs and belt
Motion angle
20° – 75°
Winding shaft size
70 mm, 78 mm
Structure colour
standard white RAL 9016, other RAL colours
Pelmet Height 21 cm (+/- 0.5 cm)
Manual control
Handle 150 cm, 180 cm, 220 cm, 250 cm
electric control
Motor, motor with emergency handle, remote control,
automatic wind / sun sensor
Canopy On request

To the facade or into the ceiling
printing on awning On request

Non-standard dimensions are not produced.

Fabric selection

DICKSON awning´s fabrics

Awning´s fabrics have special surface treatment CLEANGARD which uses ultra-modern fabric protection NPP (Nanotechnology Protection Process). This technology brings maximal water resistancy and protects the fabric against water and dirt from long term view.

Elimination of up to 95 % of sunlight / heat. Used fiber SUN ACRYL and technology of fabric coloring (solution dyed acrylic) ensures high color stability of awning´s fabrics.

Awning´s fabrics are non-toxic and therefore health-consciousness and environmental friendliness is guaranteed. We provide warranty for mold resistance and for color stability (min. 7/8 color stability after ultraviolet rays exposure and bad wind conditions according to standards NF ISO 105 B02 a NF EN ISO 105 B04) for all fabrics for 10 years.

Pattern chart of fabrics

show all fabric patterns hide extended selection of fabric patterns

For awning with Brush fabric, the maximum extension length (OPE J170, OPE J171, OPE J172) is 3 m.

SATTLER awning´s fabrics

The fabrics feature special TEXgard surface finish, distinguished by superior quality and long-term protection. This technology prevents ageing and the fabric retains its appearance for a much longer time. Each strand is carefully covered with this protective layer, preventing penetration of water, moisture, and dirt, and supporting the self-cleaning effect. Dirty drops therefore cannot penetrate the fabric, but they remain on its surface and flow down. Each fabric from this collection is made of 100 % premium acrylic. The fabric manufacture is environmentally-friendly and is ISO certified.

If the awning fabric is properly maintained, it will remain protected and retain its modern appearance for many years thanks to the technology used. SATTLER fabrics are distinguished by their design, they are very pleasant to the touch, colour-fast, they feature high UV protection, protect from various vagaries of the weather, and repel dirt.

According to their composition and properties, SATTLER awning fabrics are classified in three categories: ELEMENTS, LUMERA, and LUMERA 3D. Fabrics in ELEMENTS category are made of 100 % basic acrylic fibre, constituting the unique textile surface of all fabrics within this category. Due to the added TEXgard technology, the fabrics give the product excellent properties like rain and sunlight protection and resistance to dirt. Thanks to the acrylic yarn, the fabrics remain bright and attractive. This category includes Design and Stripes collections.

Fabrics in LUMERA category are composed of 66 % basic acrylic fibre and 33 % CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic). This means one third of the fabric is pure, high-quality acrylic, providing smoother and firmer fabric surface, increasing the self-cleaning effect, the colours are shinier and remain cleaner for a longer time. This category includes Landscape, Landscape Mini, Solids 1, and Solids 2 collections.

The last category is LUMERA 3D, with fabrics composed of 33 % basic acrylic fibre and 66 % CBA. Fabrics in this category contain twice as much pure, high-quality acrylic than LUMERA fabrics, making them unique in appearance and extremely pleasant to the touch. Fine structure of the fabric is combined with a special optical effect. LUMERA category includes Surface collection fabrics.

Pattern chart of fabrics

show all fabric patterns hide extended selection of fabric patterns

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler. 

Assembly options

  • on the wall
  • into the ceiling  
  • into the roof


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