Benefits & advantages

  • roof for small and large terraces and verandas
  • wide collection of GIOVANARDI and SATTLER fabrics with a special coating
  • possibility of electrical control
  • drip-moulding used to drain water
  • choice of roof
  • choice of frill shape
  • a semi-cassette version can be selected as an option

Colour variants

availability on request availability on request
Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.


by handle (or by handle with winding booster)
electric drive
remove control or switch

Technical parameters

The construction of the awning consists of a load-bearing steel profile, joint arms, a cylinder for winding the fabric, the check profile and the control mechanism. The check profile is fitted with a drip ledge which prevents the build up of water pockets on the expanded awning and serves for the collection of rain water. For this awning we offer a crossed arms version which has a greater ejection of the awning so that the width can be achieved.

Nosný profil 40 × 40 mm
Extension 1,5 m; 1,75 m; 2 m; 2,25 m; 2,5 m; 2,75 m; 3 m; 3,25 m; 3,5 m; 3,75 m; 4 m
Max. extension 4 m (3,5 m for crossed arms and half-cassette)

Max. width
7 m
Min. width extension plus 0,5 m (standard arms); extension minus 0,75 m (crossed arms)
Arm type folding, aluminium, with springs and belt
Motion angle 15° – 45° for extension up to 2,5 m; 5° – 45° for extension up to 3,5 m
Winding shaft size 78 mm
Structure colour standard white RAL 9016, other RAL colours sprayed
Pelmet height 21 cm (+/– 0,5 cm)
Manual control handle 150 cm, 180 cm, 220 cm, 250 cm
Electric control motor, motor with emergency handle, remote control, automatic wind / sun sensor
Canopy on request
to the facade or into the ceiling
Printing on awning on request

Non-standard dimensions are not produced.

Fabric selection

Awning fabrics have a surface treatment that ensures excellent resistance to UV radiation and a long life. The fabrics are non-toxic and thus the manufacturers guarantee that they are health-harmless and environment-friendly.

When choosing a fabric, it is also advisable to think about the fact that the extended awning can affect the colours in the interior as well. The importance of choosing a shade of fabric is also placed on coordinating with the colours of the architectural and natural elements in the area.

The right choice of material also significantly improves the energy efficiency of the house.

SATTLER awning´s fabrics

The fabrics have a special TEXGARD surface treatment which is characterized by high quality and long-term protection.

This technology slows down the aging process and that is why the fabric keeps its appearance for a much longer time. Each fibre is carefully covered with a protective coating. The impregnation prevents penetration of water, moisture and dirt and thus supports the self-cleaning effect. The dirty drops of water then do not penetrate directly into the fabric but remain on its surface and run down.

Fabrics in the ELEMENTS category are composed of 100% basic acrylic fibre. Thanks to the acrylic yarn, the fabrics remain bright and attractive. We include Stripes, Cirrus, Elements, Urban, Lines, Grating, Birch and several fabrics from the Solids collection in this category.

Fabrics belonging to the LUMERA category are composed of 66% basic acrylic and 33% CBA, a.k.a. Clean Brilliant Acryl. This means one-third pure high-quality acrylic, which ensures a smoother and stronger surface of the fabric, improves the self-cleaning effect, the colours are brighter and stay clean longer. This category includes the Landscape, Landscape MINI, Leaf and Solids collections.

The last category is LUMERA 3D, where the fabrics are composed of 33% basic acrylic and 66% CBA. Fabrics in this group contain 2x purer and more high-quality acrylic than fabrics in the LUMERA category. Owing to this, they are unique both visually and in a tactile way. The fine structure of the fabric is combined with a special light effect. We include fabrics from the Surface collection in the LUMERA category.

Awning´s fabrics are characterized by high-quality materials, their high-water repellency and especially colour stability. We provide warranty for mold resistance and for color stability for all fabrics for 5 years.

GIOVANARDI awning´s fabrics

IRISUN acrylic fabric are dyed directly inside the acrylic fiber which ensures excellent color resistence to UV protection and guarantes long life and shine.

The fabrics have a Fluorocarbon finish, thanks to which they can repel water and oily substances. Nevertheless, they preserve a certain degree of porosity that allows air and water vapor to pass through. 

The special Duraclean treatment protects the textile fibre from aging over time. High water, smog and other air pollution repellence is ensured by the TEFLON/SCOTCHGARD surface treatment.

Awning fabrics are strictly tested to ensure a high level in the ranking of quality fabrics. Resistance to aging is determined by the QUV test, which reproduces damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. Within a few days (weeks) it is possible to evaluate the damage that occurs after years of use in outdoor areas. The fabrics are also tested for resistance to abrasion and pilling.

IRISUN fabrics meet the Standard 100 certificate from OEKO-TEX. The certification checks compliance with limit values of contaminants according to the strictest European and American standards.

The collections Filare, Haiti, Confine, Quadra, Textures and Clear are included in this group.

Awning´s fabrics are characterized by high-quality materials, their high-water repellence and especially colour stability. We provide warranty for mold resistance and for colour stability for all fabrics for 10 years.

DICKSON awning´s fabrics

Awning´s fabrics have special surface treatment CLEANGARD which uses ultra-modern fabric protection NPP (Nanotechnology Protection Process). This technology brings maximal water resistance and protects the fabric against water and dirt from long term view.

Elimination of up to 95 % of sunlight / heat. Used fibre SUN ACRYL and technology of fabric colouring (solution dyed acrylic) ensures high colour stability of awning´s fabrics.

Awning's fabrics are non-toxic and therefore health-consciousness and environmental friendliness is guaranteed. We provide warranty for mold resistance and for colour stability (min. 7/8 colour stability after ultraviolet rays exposure and bad wind conditions according to standards NF ISO 105 B02 a NF EN ISO 105 B04) for all fabrics for 10 years.

Assembly options

  • on the wall
  • into the ceiling
  • into the roof
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