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Terrace casette awning OLIVIA

The awning OLIVIA is one of the most deluxe models on a European scale. Technologically sophisticated product satisfies event he most demanding customer requirements for luxury, comfort and functionality in conjunction with a long service life. With its drop or depth of at least 4 metres, it is ideal for a large terrace area.

The electric vario valance is optional original accessory of the awning OLIVIA . The lighting integrated into the bottom of the cassette can be added or you can choose other additional equipment (e.g. heating).The awnings can be coupled up to total width 12 m (2 pcs of awning).

Advantages and benefits

  • Ideal for a large terrace area thanks to drop 4 metres,
  • the option of electric vario valance,
  • the possibility of lightning integrated into the bottom
  • alternative other optional equipment (heaters),
  • awnings can be coupled to a total width of 12 metres (2 pcs of awnings). 


Manner of control

  • electric drive – remote control or switch

Wide ranging offer of accessories (sensor sun/wind, LED lights, heater).

Technical parameters

Min. extension 2 m
Max. extension 4 m
Min. width 2,75 m
Max. width 7 m
Arm type folding aluminium with spring and belt
Angle of arm slope 10° - 45°
RAL colour of construction RAL 9010, 9006, 8014, 7016 structure
Valance height height 210 mm / 250 mm / 300 mm
Variovalance max. height 1,5 m
Manual control
Electric control motor
Assembly on the facade, ceiling
Printing on awning on request

Cloth selection

We offer a wide ranging palette of DICKSON fabrics

  • The special CLEANGUARD surface treatment uses an ultramodern system of protection of awning fabrics -NPP (Nanotechnology Protection Process). This technology makes the fabric maximum waterproof and protects the fabric against water and dirt in the long-term,

  • Elimination up to 95 % of sun solar radiation / heat,

  • Stable colours

  • SUNACRYL fibre and the solution dyed acrylic technology used ensures high colour stability of the awning fabrics

  • Awning fabrics are not toxic so are harmless to health and the environmentally friendly character is guaranteed,

  • We provide a guarantee for resistance to mould and stability of colours (min. 7/8 stability of colours after exposure to ultraviolet beams and weather conditions according to standards NF ISO 105 B02 and NF EN ISO 105 B04) for all fabrics during 10 years.

Pattern chart of fabrics

show all fabric patterns hide extended selection of fabric patterns

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.

Cloth selection

Awning cloths are available in various decorations in 100% acrylic material.
All cloths are impregnated with TEFLON or SCOTCHGUARD, which ensures complete protection and gives the cloth complete water resistance. In addition, the impregnation prevents dirt penetrating the material.

Assembly options

  • on the wall
  • into the ceiling


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