Aluminium Fabric LUKA Pergola

LUKA Pergola is an aesthetic decoration for any garden. If you lack comfort of modern relaxation in the garden, by the pool, pond or rockery, or elegant roofing of the front garden of the restaurant or winter garden, LUKA pergolas are the right choice.

This pergola is available in two variants, LUKA S and LUKA M, which differ only in the limit dimensions. Alternatively, two pergolas can be coupled, this option can be ordered as LUKA S / D or LUKA M / D.

The retractable roof is made of a single piece of non-flammable PVC fabric. The fabric evinces excellent strength and dimensional stability, with 100% protection against rain and sunlight. The traction system is made of a highly durable toothed belt running on ball bearings. This connection is characterized by very quiet and regular operation. Pergola control is only possible by engine. The water drain is an integrated part of the pergola construction.

Advantages and benefits

  • Non-flammable PVC fabric with high dimensional stability,
  • Front integrated water drain,
  • Protection against rain and sunlight,
  • An unconventional traction system ensures that the pergola runs smoothly,
  • The possibility of coupling two pergolas side by side,
  • Any RAL colour of the construction including anthracite structure.

Basic colour design

  • white
  • pearly silver
  • bronze matt
  • oyster
  • black sandblasted