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CAD designers

The exterior shading technology creates an optimal environment in terms of lighting and thermal conditions and is a key part of the construction in terms of energy savings. In the traditional concept, the interior shadings fulfil the shading function, whereas in the non-traditional concept they are a modern window accessory and adorn the interior.

Technical support

ISOTRA has an interest in the technology used for solar radiation blinds and its impact on energy savings. Technology, developed procedures, research and development in this area ranks the company as a leading shading technology producer and it is regarded as a technological leader both in the Czech Republic and globally.

In particular, the exterior shading technology and the assembly relates to many features and technical knowledge. The technical facility in the Designers/CAD section (designers and architects) is designated to simplifying the work and serves as a source of necessary technical information and drawings in CAD or BIM.

If you require a self-contained summary of the whole ISOTRA product assortment, please request the technical file for exterior and interior shading technology. You can download the electronic version here.

While browsing our products, it is also possible to request a visit from our external shading experts.