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Exterior blinds "Shadow and safety at the same time"

If the windows do not allow this, you can also have the blinds from the outside. In addition, you will also get better regulation of room temperature, protection against weather conditions and no less important safety function. You can choose many colours of external blinds to perfectly complete the design of your house.

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Exterior blinds: we have a solution for maintenance and cleaning

Exterior blinds are very suitable for modern houses and apartments. But how to make them still look good and functional even after several years of use? We have prepared for you some instructions and tips for cleaning and regular maintenance.

Do not wait for years until the dirt settle. Clean the blinds at least twice a year.

External blinds do not require much maintenance, but after winter and after summer, it is good to clean them thoroughly from the dirt that settled to them, to keep the blinds as good-looking as possible. In winter, ashes from chimneys settle on the external blinds most often. Pollen from trees and insects impurities in summer.
How to perfectly clean the blinds?

  1. Tilt the blinds into a vertical position
  2. Rinse with water
  3. Wash the blinds with soapy water - use a sponge or soft cloth
  4. Finally, wash away the dirt

You can use:

  • garden hose
  • steam cleaner
  • high-pressure cleaner set to lower power level

Avoid chemical solvents and cleaning sands

Although the exterior blinds are made of durable extruded aluminium, you can permanently degrade them by applying improper cleaners. Soapy water is enough to remove some dirt. To remove grease and dry dirt use dish soap.

Be sure not to use:

  • organic solvents
  • solvents
  • cleaning sands
  • cleaning paste
  • strong alkaline detergents

Invite an expert for regular technical maintenance

The service life of your blinds depends on good technical conditions. However, do not do the maintenance by yourself and invite an expert to check them and repair the blinds if necessary.

What should be checked for external blinds?

  • non-parallel pulling up and down
  • wear out of pulling straps and ladders
  • condition of guide rails and extractors
  • movement of blinds - noise
  • functionality of end-switches

If you follow these steps, external blinds will last for many years. Moreover, you avoid problems in the case of a complaint.