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Horizontal blinds - "Time-proven classic"

Nowadays the question is not whether to have or have not the blinds, but in what material and colour. Horizontal blinds are the most common way of shading the interior. Most common, however, does not mean ordinary. Are you interested in aluminium slats in many colours or do you prefer natural wood? Choose the right type exactly for your interior, blinds will always complete it very well.

How to use horizontal blinds to make your interior look cosy and trendy?

Do you think that classic horizontal blinds are already a relic? Does it give you the impression of cheapness or bad taste? It is true that without a well-thought-out concept, they do not create such a look, but if you place them in the interior with care, they will fulfil their function while looking trendy.

1. The basis is a suitable shape of windows

Horizontal blinds are best suited for simple windows, especially because they do not bring a disturbing effect. In addition, simple windows make it easier to manipulate the screen. With one movement or pressing a button on the remote control, the blinds can be pulled down or rotated. A lot of small blinds on one combined window make it very complicated in terms of manipulation and cleaning. Another disadvantage is that such a window disrupts the interior atmosphere.

A modern trend is the large and wide horizontal blinds with wide aluminium slats (35 mm, 50 mm). Here, follow the rule of designers - large areas deserve large patterns (in our case slats).

2. Take advantage of an extraordinary placement of our blinds

The days, when blinds were mounted only on the window frame or between the window panes, are already history. Today you can take advantage of the attractive placement of blinds on the wall or ceiling. That creates a space, behind which is the window frame, window handle, and window sill hidden. The interior will be unified and look minimalist.

3. Match the colours

Matching the colours is probably the biggest obstacle and the reason why aluminium blinds can give a cheap impression. The slats and individual components are available in a wide range of colour shades. However, the colours need to be chosen not according to the current mood or fashion trend, but mainly according to an atmosphere of your interior.

The best option is to match the blinds with the colour on the walls so that the shaded window does not stand out too much. Another option is to choose colour according to furniture or textiles. Last but not least, you can also choose the same colour as the window frame.

Nowadays, people find very popular minimalist or industrial style interiors. According to our experience and experience of designers, aluminium horizontal blinds are a good choice for such interiors..

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Cleaning horizontal blinds can be easy. But how to do it?

The maintenance of aluminium horizontal blinds is easy, everyone certainly told you. But did anyone give you any advice on how to keep them good-looking and not to harm your health?

Blinds often hold a lot of dust, which can cause health problems. Because it is important to clean them regularly. Especially light colour blinds look clean from afar, but if you look closely, you will notice that they are covered with dust, dirt or grease.

1. For usual home cleaning, wipe the blinds with a duster

If you find your home very dusty or have health problems, every time you clean your home, remember to wipe the blinds. The same dust you see on your coffee table or TV has also settled on your blinds.

You just need a cleaning duster, with which gently wipe the tilted slats. Do not forget to wipe the blinds in the direction of tilting to avoid damaging the slats or other fragile parts.

2. If you do not have a duster, use a vacuum cleaner

If you have a vacuum cleaner attachment for dust, you can use it instead of a duster. However, reduce suction power to a minimum. We recommend you to invite a helper to hold the blinds, so they do not break or twist. Vacuum blinds from both sides. You can do this by tilting the slats completely to one side, then to the other side, and vacuuming them in the direction of tilting.

3. Remove grease and dirt with soapy water and vinegar

Mostly in the kitchen, particles of dirt and grease settle on the horizontal blinds. However, it is nearly impossible to remove this dirt in any of the previous ways. It is recommended to wipe the blinds with a sponge soaked in soapy water for every quarter of a year or half-year. If the blinds are still greasy or you have mold on the slats, water with vinegar will help you.

It is necessary to be patient and careful when you are cleaning horizontal blinds. The aluminium slats and the other components are fragile and could be damaged by reckless manipulation.