Thermo-regulation effect of exterior shading technology

Interior and the exterior shading technology significantly affects the thermal regulation of the interior.  The required parameters for exterior shading technology are quite evident – restriction of interior temperature in summer and a decrease or escape of heat in winter.  It can be generally stated that in the case of the use of shading technology, savings in energy consumption is within 20-25 % of the energy balance of buildings (according to the specific object).

Key product – exterior shading technology

The high level of shading, thermo-regulation and protection effect, decrease of noise level, electric control option or the system for double tilting of lamellas for the ISOTRA Duo system – these are the basic advantages of exterior shading and grids.

Thermo-regulation effect

Any heat loss can be evaluated on the basis of thermal measurement which displays the allocation of the surface temperature by measuring the density of infrared radiation from the surface before use and the consequent use of exterior shading technology.

An example is the comparison of thermograms with ISOTRA Zetta 70 shading technology. On the basis of the measurement results, a significant decrease in the thermal reflection of monitored windows can be recorded, as evident from the diagram 1. Thermograms reports excellent shading of window areas by shading technology.  The passage of heat from the interior of the object when using shading technology ISOTRA Zetta 70 shading technology is significantly decreased. The average temperature in the area (TAVR) is decreased by an average of 4.4° C below the stated conditions.

Exterior shading technology significantly affects interior thermal regulation.  The automated building control systems and their connection with the grid control systems, the energy independence of these systems and the decrease of the heat passage enable the possibility to achieve higher quality and comfort with lower total costs.

ISOTRA has a long-term interest in technologies for solar radiation curtains and their impact on energy savings.  Technology, developed procedures, research and development in this area ranks the company as a leading shading technology producer and it is regarded as a technological leader in the area both in the Czech Republic and globally.