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Career at ISOTRA a.s.

Dear Colleagues,

Should you decide to join the team at ISOTRA a.s., consisting of approximately 400 staff, then I can provide you with some brief information about our company and make your decision a little easier.

ISOTRA a.s. is a major company with a long tradition that develops and manufactures blind technology and fillings for construction holes (windows and doors). In addition to the basic area of business, we ensure many other activities ranging from the proposed development plan, through to the production of tools, pressing, varnishing, production and assembly up to the warranty and post-warranty service for end users.

Our company is the leader in the Czech Market and exports to more than 30 countries.  Our position is the result of restructuring and changes in the area of technology and investment, and particularly the change in the attitude and behaviour of our people.  We know that it is our highly qualified and motivated staff that enable us to hold our strong market position, both now and in the future.  Therefore, we offer our staff a series of benefits; further information can be found in the “Benefits”.
We create the conditions to make a good living with the corresponding social facilities. By fully communicating with staff we aim to understand their requirements and how they approach their work. A healthy and well functioning team is essential for the success of the company.

We know that for most people starting a new job is a major change, which is also reflected in their personal life. Particularly in the early days, a new recruit needs to learn many new things (workplace, co-workers, company culture, etc.) and absorb a lot of new information.  We believe that with our help this period will be managed in a short as possible time and you will soon become a full member of our team.

Should you decide to strengthen our team, I wish for you to fulfil your expectations for your new job.

Mgr. Josef Byrtus
Personnel Manager