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Interior cloth roller blind – Sunlite

A mysterious atmosphere with the warm feeling and intimate shade of the interior is provided by the new Sunlite blind. The unique character of the Sunlite roller blind has the option of LED lighting located in the upper decoration bar which, in combination with the selected fabric, will fabulously enhance your interior. You can select fabrics with or without patterns with the fully shading effect of fabric that partially allows the light in.

The variability of this roller blind is based on the option of two forms of the decorative upper bar – round and flat. In daylight there is a practical shading effect and during darkening the decorative features and beauty of the Sunlite fabric roller blind can be seen in detail. The exterior shading technology creates an optimal environment in terms of lighting and thermal conditions and is a key part of the construction in terms of energy savings. In the traditional concept, the interior shadings fulfil the shading function, whereas in the non-traditional concept they are a modern window accessory and adorn the interior.

Advantages and benefits

  • a luxurious accessory for interiors
  • modern design
  • both types of construction – decorative round and flat bar
  • LED lighting located in the upper bar
  • option to regulate the intensity of the light
  • easy assembly into the ceiling or onto the wall
  • wide range of coloured shades of fabrics.


Variability of the construction

  • decorative round bar 
  • decorative flat bar

DA LED strip (from up or down) can be fitted into the upper bar which produces white or coloured RGB light, where the intensity can be arbitrarily regulated.

The following units can be used for lighting:  darkening unit, remote control unit with receiver.  The remote control unit enables the possibility to set many lighting regimes, switch colours and darken.  Additional roller blinds can be controlled by one control unit.

Note: For blinds with LED lighting, it is necessary to prepare the electric installation (supply 230V/50Hz for the transformer)

Method of unit control

  • manually – metal chain
    The brake stops the roller blind in any position without the necessity to secure the control chain.
  • electric drive – remote control or switch

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 300/700 mm  (motor)
  • maximum width: 3,500 mm (3,000 for Screen) 
  • maximum height: 5,500 mm 
  • maximum area: 17,5 m2 

Non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are not produced.

Technical parameters

Round Decorative Rail * Flat Decorative Rail * Thin Tube Thick Tube Lower Profile Atypical Designs Assembly
Commercial Name
Dimension (mm)
P 018/4
ø 41
P 016/1
20 × 39



no in front of the window aperture (wall)
Color elox
RAL according to sampler
ISOTRA SYSTEM DECORAL according to sampler
RAL 9006 silver
RAL 9010 white

Profile colour


  • elox elox
  • RAL 9010 RAL 9010

Other RAL – available on request.

Isotra System Decoral 1

  • ISD110 ISD110
  • ISD120 ISD120
  • ISD130 ISD130
  • ISD140 ISD140
  • ISD150 ISD150
  • ISD160 ISD160
  • ISD210 ISD210
  • ISD220 ISD220
  • ISD230 ISD230
  • ISD310 ISD310
  • ISD152 ISD152
  • ISD154 ISD154
  • ISD200 ISD200
  • ISD212 ISD212
  • ISD214 ISD214
  • ISD222 ISD222

Isotra System Decoral 2

  • ISD500 ISD500
  • ISD510 ISD510
  • ISD600 ISD600
  • ISD610 ISD610
  • ISD620 ISD620
  • ISD630 ISD630
  • ISD640 ISD640
  • ISD700 ISD700

Cloth selection

Fabric for interior roller blinds is available in the following materials:

  • 100% PES
  • 100% PES Satin 
  • 100% Trevira CS 
  • Glass fibre-PVC

Pattern chart of fabrics

show all fabric patterns hide extended selection of fabric patterns

*until sold out (necessary to check the material coverage of order) 

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler. 

Assembly options

  • on the wall
  • into the ceiling


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