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Rollite interior roller blinds

Create a pleasing environment during the day and night. Rollite interior roller blinds protect against the glare from street lamps at night and, during the day they perfectly provide shade against piercing sunlight. The leading side bars prevent the penetration of sub light through the sides of the roller blind. Even if selecting full shading fabric, decorated or single-colour, or fabric that lets a lot of light through, you will always have an elegant and fully functional interior accessory.

DWe also supply special glass fibre cloths that are recommended for people with allergies and various fabrics with special fireproof treatment. Rollite interior roller blinds are also available with motifs suitable for children’s rooms.

Advantages and benefits

  • perfect shading of the interior
  • leading bars prevent light getting through the sides
  • wide range of coloured shades of fabrics.


Method of control

  • manually – chain (ø 3.2 mm)
    The brake stops the roller blind in any position without the necessity to secure the control chain.

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 300 mm
  • maximum width: 1,400 mm 
  • maximum height: 1,700 mm 
  • maximum area: 1.5 m2 
  • non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are not produced.

Technical parameters

Upper profile Lower profile Leading bar Leading bar Brake Assembly
Business name
Dimensions (mm)
RR 07
66 × 35 × 1
RR 08
15 × 10
RR 14
33.5 × 4.1 × 1.05
RR 14 / 1
13.5 × 22
standard for window wing
Colour RAL 9003 white
RAL 1015 ivory
RAL 1002 pine
RAL 9006 silver
RAL 8004 chestnut
RAL 8014 brown

Plastic components in the colour of the profile.

Profile colour


  • RAL 1002 RAL 1002
  • RAL 1015 RAL 1015
  • RAL 8004 RAL 8004
  • RAL 8014 RAL 8014
  • RAL 9006 RAL 9006
  • RAL 9003 RAL 9003

Cloth selection

Fabric for interior roller blinds is available in the following materials:

  • 100% PES
  • 100% PES Satin
  • 100% Trevira CS
  • Glass fibre-PVC

Pattern chart of fabrics

show all fabric patterns hide extended selection of fabric patterns

*until sold out (necessary to check the material coverage of order)

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler. 

Assembly options

  • for window wings


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