Benefits & advantages

  • a luxurious accessory for interiors
  • modern design
  • both types of construction – decorative round and flat bar
  • LED lighting located in the upper bar
  • option to regulate the intensity of the light
  • easy assembly into the ceiling or onto the wall
  • wide range of coloured shades of fabrics



Colour variants

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We also offer printing on fabrics with your logo, pattern, design, photo, etc.
Calculation and consultation with our sales representative is required for each print.
Printing on fabrics is possible from the following collections only:Tecno, Carina, Opera, Eko, Cloud, Carina BO color, Como, Mexico, New York, Starflex DIM, Sunblock, Sunmate, Veroglim, Verosafe, Creppe, Starlet DIM.

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.


metal chain
electric drive
remote control or switch


minimum width
300/700 mm (motor)
maximum width
3500 mm (3000 mm for fabric Screen)
maximum height
5500 mm
maximum area
17,5 m2
Non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are not produced.
Screen fabric can only be used for a Ø50 pipe
Guaranteed dimensions

Variability of the construction

DA LED strip (from up or down) can be fitted into the upper bar which produces white or coloured RGB light, where the intensity can be arbitrarily regulated.

The following units can be used for lighting: darkening unit, remote control unit with receiver. The remote control unit enables the possibility to set many lighting regimes, switch colours and darken. Additional roller blinds can be controlled by one control unit.

Note: For blinds with LED lighting, it is necessary to prepare the electric installation (supply 230V/50Hz for the transformer)

Technical parameters

Round decorative rail * Flat decorative rail * Lower profile Thin tube Thick tube
Commercial name P 018/4 P 016/1 RBR/1 RTU-42 RTU-50
Dimension (mm) Ø 41 20 × 39      
Material Al Al   Al Al
Cross-section Řez profilu Řez profilu Řez profilu Řez profilu Řez profilu
Colour Standard:

Other RAL
Isotra System Decoral - according to the sampler

Assembly options

  • on the wall
  • into the ceiling
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