Trade fair R+T 2015, Stuttgart

ISOTRA has yet again been included in the worldwide leading manufacturers of screening technology, and it presented its news and the existing product portfolio within the 50th year of the leading worldwide trade fair for the roller blinds, gates, and screening technology R+T in Stuttgart, Germany.


About the trade fair

Trade fair starts on February 24, and finishes on February 28, 2015; it has reached a new record in the number of the issuers, which exceeded 900, and also in the number of visitors. 60 000 visitors from 122 countries worldwide did not miss the opportunity to see the new trends.

The main theme is of R+T included the low energy consumption, control comfort, inclusion of screening technology into the intelligent house control, and in particular the provision of safety for children and property.


Our company has not missed the sixth opportunity to present the news, meet in a friendly atmosphere with their clients, and commence new business contacts with potential customers. There were many persons interested, and our sales managers were almost unable to leave our stalls and walk through the exhibition halls, due to continual inflow of clients.

The outdoor blind which attracted a great interest included the chain blind, inclined design of the outdoor blind, and safety blind (Notraff system).


The chain blind can be used as a blind with safety elements which protects the facility from violent intrusion. The whole system including the slat shape was newly developed by the ISOTRA development workplace. All control and safety elements are not freely accessible (they are hidden in the guiding rails), which means that in the activated and enclosed state it prevents the blind handling from outsider. The new special shape of the slat results in the slat inter-locking in enclosed state without leaving any gaps, therefore it is impossible to manually open the slats from outside and enter the building via a broken window. This type of slat is controlled only by motor. If the blind hits an obstacle during the downwards movement, the rest of the rolled blind remains in the obstacle position even after removing the obstacle (no free fall), and it also prevents manual handling of the blind upwards.


Inclined design of the outdoor blind introduces the solution for window screening where the upper frame is not horizontal but inclined under a specific angle. The slats of ISOTRA inclined blind copy the upper frame angle, and are parallel with it. This type of blind is fitted with a special mechanism which balances the different lengths of textile belts during the blind movement up and down. The lower slat is telescopic and it is used for balancing the different width of the lower slat in the lower position (window width) and the upper position (length of the window inclined part).


Safety blinds (Notraff system) it is used for immediateextraction of the External (Outdoor) Roller Shutters in case of sudden emergency (fire, floods, or another hazard to human life), making an emergency exit accessible. It can be used in any ISOTRA outdoor blind design with guiding rails. The system is controlled by the spring mechanism therefore it is functional even in cases of power failure.

These three innovations will be launched in second half of 2015..

The portfolio of screening blinds includes the ISOTRA SCREEN ZIP Economy, which is the continuation of the implemented screening system ISOTRA SCREEN ZIP and it is modern and price affordable variant for perfect screening of windows in all types of buildings, increasing the living comfort, and achieve lower energy consumption. ISOTRA SCREEN SKY is the new screening blind introduced on the market for the roof windows. The blind protects the loft in the summer from overheating, and from heat loss in the winter. It additionally protects the window from damage due to weather conditions, it reduces the noise pollution from during raining, and it provides sufficient privacy in the loft.

We offered to the general public the innovated interior textile roller-blinds Verra and Verra Metal, which due to quality design and large selection of textiles, including day-night textiles, provide each interior with personal charm. Our new offer includes the wrapping of the lower profile with textile. The new interior roller-blind, Verra semi the cover profile decently covers the bearing and control elements which will no longer interrupt the interior appearance. The classic design enables to choose from the wide range of color shades which contains the materials from simple color tones up to textiles with luxurious templates or modern design day-night.

We have reserved a part of our exposition to its important part, the production of rolling machines, cutting tools, components and complete technology units for the production of blinds, since the production program of ISOTRA does not focus solely on the independent screening technology. The professionals greatly appreciated the new rolling machines for shaping and cutting the slats S and Z with automatic ladder fitting and automatic stand movement, and also the rolling machine for shaping and cutting the slats for the chain blinds.


The whole world arrived to Stuttgart and ISOTRA was not lost in it. The company again confirmed its position of technological leader within its field and it is also the guarantee for innovations reliability and professionalism.

We are already looking forward to the 51st year of R+T, which will take place in Stuttgart between February 27, and March 3, 2018.