Benefits & advantages

  • modern and stylish element of both the exterior and the interior of buildings
  • minimum light transmission thanks to the absolute fabric tension
  • wind resistance class 3
  • thermal regulation effect
  • insect protection when closed
  • frame colour finish according to the RAL chart
  • cost-effective variant of the SCREEN ZIP model
  • motor controls


Fabric selection

The materials offered for screen blinds are as follows

  • glass fiber covered with a PVC layer
  • polyester fiber with a PVC layer


  • Specifically weaved screen fabrics, that are very flexible and therefore suitable to interiors as well as exteriors.
  • They consist of 58,8 % PVC and 41,5 % glass fibre.

Satiné, Satiné Blackout

  • PVC-coated fibreglass provides excellent dimension stability, protection against fire and chemicals, UV stability and excellent resistance to weather conditions.
  • In the basic version, the fabric is composed of 42 % fiberglass and 58 % PVC coating (except for the blackout-type fabrics).

Soltis 86, 92, B92, 99, B99

  • The material is made from a fabric woven from a high-strength polyester fibre, with surface treatment by pigmented PVC. The material is pre-stressed using the Precontraint technology in two directions, ensuring high dimensional stability and strength.
  • Further advantages of the material include excellent heat--insulating properties, optimal visual and lighting properties, colour fastness (UV-stability), and flame resistance (B1, M1).
  • Soltis 99 and B99 can only be used indoors
Scheme of fabric Soltis

SCR 4005

  • internal and external use
  • lower price with keeping high quality standard

Cristal Plus 500 FSR

  • The fabric is made of PVC -P compound (PVC + plasticizers + additives). It´s a thermoplastic material, it means that the polymer chains change behaviour depending on the temperatures.
  • In the temperature range 55 °C / –10 °C the fabric does not change its structure.
  • The material also has a very low thermal conductivity, which means that it does not absorb too much heat, and will not overheat.

ZIP system

Introduces a unique system for attaching fabric. The screen fabric is equipped with a special ZIP system application, which enables it to be seamlessly attached, stretched out and lead through the guidance. As a result of this equipment, the system is very stable and wind resistant.

Guaranteed dimensions

Design Width (mm) Height (mm) Guaranteed area (m2)
min max min max
motor 800 4000 500 3000 12

Technical parameters

Upper profile Lower profile Side guidance
guide channel
box winding cylinder
Business name
PR0001 MR 024/1 FZ 47
GS 40
Dimension (mm) 128 × 129 Ø 78 mm 20 × 47,4 40 × 42,2
Material Al Fe Al Al
Cross-section Řez profilu Řez profilu Řez profilu Řez profilu
Colour Standard:
RAL 9006 light silver
RAL 9007 dark silver
RAL 7016 anthracite coal grey
other RAL colors upon request*
*except of plastic parts.

Assembly options

  • onto the wall in front of the window opening or to the window frame with only the front installation of guide channels
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