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Isotra Energy – wireless electric blinds for control

This revolutionary new product using electronic shading technology is the ISOTRA Energy solar bind, which operates using solar energy. If you are looking for a unique, fully automated blind which is wireless-controlled and uses zero electricity then the ISOTRA Energy electric blind is designed especially for you.

The blind functions on the photovoltaic effect principle – i.e. conversion of solar radiation to electricity. ISOTRA Energy solar blinds represent synergy of design, practicality, utility and energy savings. Minimum effort – maximum effect.

Preferences and benefits

  • electric blind using solar energy for operation
  • zero electricity consumption
  • fully automated wireless control
  • colour constructions of the profile according to the RAL pattern.


Method of control

  • electric drive using solar energy – by remote control unit, button or solar regulator in combination with the remote control unit

Control diagram


Control variations


RZOVL remote control unit
Using the remote control unit, individual blinds and groups of blinds can be separately controlled from a distance up to 150m. Up to 20 time starts can be individually set (using the automated system according to the adjusted time) for various blinds or groups of blinds.
Supply for the remote control unit: two 1.5V batteries


RZTL wireless button
This button serves for tilting lamellas and for lifting up and lowering individual blinds or groups of blinds at the same time. This enables the possibility to set the end positions (stops) of the blind.
Supply for the button: small lithium battery


SRZSR Solar regulator
The solar regulator serves for tilting the lamellas of one blind or groups of blinds at the same time depending on the intensity of the sunlight. The regulator is resistant to standard atmospheric conditions.
The solar regulator can only be used when combined with the programmable remote control unit.
Regulator supply: solar energy

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 400 mm
  • maximum width: 2000 mm
  • maximum height: 2200 mm
  • maximum area: 2.5 m2
  • non-standard dimensions for bevel and broken windows are not produced.

Technical parameters

Business name
Dimensions (mm)
IS 08
27 × 48 × 0,2
IS 16
20 × 8 × 0,9
whole shading
0,21 / 0,18
0,21 / 0,18
silon ø 0,8 mm for window wing

RAL 1002 pine
RAL 1015 ivory
RAL 8004 chestnut
RAL 8014 brown
RAL 9006 silver
RAL 9010 white

according to the actual sampler silon - clear

Plastic components in the colour of the profile.
Ladder and cord which are colour coordinated with the lamella.

Profile colour


Standard colour
  • RAL 1002 RAL 1002
  • RAL 1015 RAL 1015
  • RAL 8004 RAL 8004
  • RAL 8014 RAL 8014
  • RAL 9006 RAL 9006
  • RAL 9010 RAL 9010

Colour lamela

Dimension 25 mm × 0,18 mm

Show all colour of lamella Hide extended selection colour of lamella

Dimension 25 mm × 0,21 mm

Show all colour of lamella Hide extended selection colour of lamella

EN: *temporarily unavailable

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.

Assembly options

  • for window wing

Height of roll-up

height of the blind (mm) Height of blind (mm)
lamella25 mm - strip/thin chain lamella25 mm CS*- strip/ thin chain
500 50 50
1000 60 65
1500 70 80
2000 80 95
2500 90 115

Height of the packet = height of the lowered blind, including the upper profile
CS* = whole-shading construction


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