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Benefits & advantages

  • modern design
  • profiles for extruded aluminium
  • non-standard version for bevel and broken windows
  • colour of the profile according to the RAL sampler or coated in renolite
  • electric control option
  • planetary gear for easy control of above-dimensional blinds


by thin chain (Ø 3,2 mm) or thick chain (Ø 4,5 mm) for pulling up, pulling down and tilting, textile strap
The blind can be fitted with a brake to prevent falling of lamellas due to their own weight.
electric drive
remote control
electric drive


minimum width
300 mm (chain)
400 mm (engine)
maximum width
2000 mm
maximum height
2200 mm
maximum area
4,4 m2
Guaranteed dimensions

Technical parameters

Upper profile Lower profile Lamella Side guilding Assembly Brake
Construction Width (mm) Thickness
Business name
IL 101
IL 102
IS 16
whole shading
0,21 / 0,18
silon Ø 0,8 mm for window wing on the basis of the order
Dimensions (mm) 27 × 47 × 0,9 9 × 48 × 0,9 20 × 8 × 0,9 standard 25 0,21 / 0,18
Material Al Al Al standard 16 0,21
Cross-section řez profilu řez profilu řez profilu      
Colour Standard:
RAL 1002
RAL 1015
RAL 8004
RAL 8014
RAL 9006
RAL 9010

other RAL colors sprayed
Renolit - according to the sampler
Isotra System Decoral - according to the sampler
according to the actual sampler silon – clear

Plastic components in the colour of the profile.
Ladder and cord which are colour coordinated with the lamella.

Assembly options

  • for window wing

Height of roll-up

Height of packet
Height of the blind (mm) Lamella 25 Lamella 25 CS*
500 55 mm 60 mm
1000 65 mm 70 mm
1500 75 mm 80 mm
2000 95 mm 100 mm
2500 115 mm 120 mm

Height of the packet = height of the lowered blind, including the upper profile.
CS* = whole-shading construction.
Hereby stated values are only indicative.

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