Benefits & advantages

  • High level of resistance to violent intrusion,
  • high level of wind resistance,
  • self-supporting blind,
  • blinds using independent system for lifting and tilting of slats,
  • easy and quick replacement of damaged slats,
  • own technologies, including component production and rolling mills,
  • modern design.

Colour variants

Hereby stated colors are only indicative. If you want to see the color in real we recommend to visit one of our business partners where you can ask for physical swatch. We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen color according to electronic sampler.


by remote control unit or switch


minimum width
600 mm
maximum width
2800* mm
maximum height
4000 mm
maximum area
8 m2
* Note: The wider the blind, the lower its wind resistance class – see Wind resistance, further down the page.

We do not make atypical designs.
Guaranteed dimensions

Technical parameters

Titan 90 Upper profile Lower profile Lamella Guiding bar
Business name P001/1 - - O 123/XXXX P 018/81 PU52
Dimensions (mm) 56 × 58   0,60 × 122,8 80 × 49,2
Material Fe   Al Al
Cross-section     Cross-section of lamella  
Colour Standard:
galvanized steel plate
Other RAL colors sprayed,
  According to the actual sampler from ISOTRA a.s. Standard:
Varnished in RAL colors,

*for max. width 4000 mm
Non-standard dimensions are not produced.

Wind resistence

Wind resistance tests performed by Centrem stavebního inženýrství, a.s. in Zlín according to ČSN EN 13659.
Essential characteristics Performance
Wind resistance Class 6 (for all dimensions)
Additional thermal resistance ΔR 0,08 (m2.K/W)
Total solar energy transmittance gtot 0,032 - 0,094 (according to chosen slat colour)*
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